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hello there!

Name: Jamie
Age: 26
Height: 5'3"
Current weight: 146
Heaviest weight: 150
Weight Goal: 125
Play any sports?: softball (for fun), 'bout to join a kickball league
Favorite exercise: dancing...except i'm in this conundrum...i don't want anyone to see my in a leotard! :(
Favorite kind of music: rock, americana, alt. country
Reason for wanting to take such a journey: i'm basically uncomfortable at this weight. until a few years ago i was always thin, but muscular. graduating from college, getting an office job and taking a break from dancing kind of killed it for me. 146 really isn't that heavy, but it looks unnatural on me. plus, i want to wear my clothes! i'm having to buy all new jeans and suits for work...that's expensive!
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What kind of dancing do you do?

I just started dancing again too.
ballet, tap, jazz, modern :)

yay for dancers!